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patchwork kilim pouf
patchwork kilim pouf
patchwork kilim pouf

Patchwork Kilim pouf ,floor pillow ,handmade , 100% wool . Size 65x65x25 cm


Moroccan Patchwork art kilim Pouf, 100% wool . Size 65x65x25 cm

Originally handwoven by Berber women for their own homes, This is a lovely piece of pouf , that could highlight your home to another level.

Constantly finding nice , They offer a chance to spruce up your rooms , with stunning vibrant colors , and intricate patchwork art designs. with the embroidered patterns, they also bring luxurious textures into home decor, Introduce those beautiful floor cushion to your habitat via authentic Moroccan art decor ,cand add a Mediterranean style to your home .
Moreover Moroccan poufs , are a super-fun way to add a burst of color, texture, and extra seating to your space! They work as well in a Mid-Century Modern home , as they do in a Bohemian one. These poufs made from Moroccan rugs , are specially handpicked for us in Marrakesh and one-of-a-kind.

Our designs take their cues from many sources, including natural form, abstract painting, mosaic entryways, the landscapes of the Atlas Mountains. We also partner with thought leaders in design , who push the boundaries of the Moroccan weaving tradition.

the Patchwork art kilim Pouf cushions available in a wide range of gorgeous Moroccan colours. All our stuffed vintage poufs are filled and upholstered professionally to all standards, they are very comfortabl.

They come unstuffed , but we recommend you fill them with old rags, clothes, pillows, old newspapers , to give them shape, weight and support.

We’re proud to bring you incredible designs, while preserving an age old craft & supporting local communities. you will never believe our high-end quality, handcrafted to last a lifetime

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