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Weaving With Women in the Atlas


Berber women were responsible for preserving the knowledge necessary for the manufacture of carpets, the secrets of family patterns, looping techniques, colors to be used …
All this knowledge about the history of carpet weaving was transmitted in a matrilineal way, each generation of women being in charge of transmitting it to the next.
Berber rugs were used within groups as blankets, horse blankets and for a wide range of purposes.
The truth is that all authentic Moroccan rugs are Berber rugs. They are made by the Berber people of Morocco. Historically, they were made for practical purposes – and are still used that way today. Styles may vary depending on where the tribe lives. In general, the motifs are related to fertility, sexuality, survival, protection and the natural world. For example, the main feminine symbols in Berber rugs are the rhombus, chevron and X shape.

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How Moroccan Rugs Are Made?

In two to three weeks (sometimes more, depending on the intricacies and details), the carpet is woven. Then it takes several more weeks to hand wash and finally dry in the sun.

The process begins with the acquisition of wool from sheep in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco. Next, the sheep’s wool is cleaned and scoured as it may contain natural oils. After that, the wool is spun by hand. This process transforms the wool, twisting the fibers together to form a thread.

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