Ancestral techniques & Contemporary Design

Moroccan Handmade Heritage

    The weaving is the story of three generations of the family BENDAOUD.After many years of working alongside great designers and fashion designers in hotels and guesthouses in Marrakech, I decided to create my own brand ; Moroccan Craft to share with  all those looking for the spirit of men in handmade products, my creations and those of artisans.I was the first to introduce contemporary colors into traditional interior design items; blanket, rugs ….. To create the perfect harmony and give the unique atmosphere where they are used.
www.moroccancraft.shop is the window that opens to the four corners of the world, to showcase the products made by the artisans of Bendaoud family business, and represents the actual workshop located in Almassar 219. Marrakech- Morocco.


Founder: Bendaoud Majid


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