Pom Pom Cotton Blanket

Boho Moroccan Tassel Throw Blanket, White Cotton, with Brow Wool Inlays


Boho Moroccan Tassel Throw Blanket -White Cotton, with Brow Wool Inlays-

Boho Moroccan Tassel Throw Blanket, with White Cotton, and Brown Wool inlays, finished with Pompoms on either end. Designed by Moroccan Craft and handcrafted by local artisans on traditional wooden looms .

The Boho Moroccan Tassel Throw Blanket entirely woven by hand and hand-colored, perfect for comforting your home, bed or couch. It will enchant your bedrooms and nurseries with its very soft and warm textures. These bed throws convey the love of women artists craftsmen of Marrakesh. They wove them to the loom with care using traditional techniques for your greatest happiness.

You’ll find our Moroccan Bedspread hand dyed by artisan weavers in a range of colors and exclusive designs. Thick fluffy pom poms or tassels add a luxe bohemian feel. Use them as cosy bed blankets and throws at home or outside as beach or picnic blankets. Find matching cushions in most designs.

Available Sizes:

– 1,5m x 2,5m = 59in x 98in
-1,5m x 1,5m = 59in x 59in


– Color: White, with Brown inlays
– Material : Cotton, Wool.
– Made 100% By hand
– Uses : Stunning as a bedspread or luxuriously draped over a sofa, Also for bohemian interior.
– Care : Washable Preferable Dry Clean, Hand-wash Or machine wash on a delicate setting.

Style Tip:

The Moroccan Tassel Pompom Bed Throw adorned with oversized with pom poms on short sides,  can be used as a bed covering, folded at the base of a bed or draped over a piece of furniture to inject a sense of global style into any space.

Ready to be dispatched from Morocco within 3 working days, ensuring that it arrives to you within 3-4 days.

A special price for wholesale. Feel free to contact us at moroccancraftshop1@gmail.com

All the process and materials used are contemplating a low impact to the earth. Every item is the most eco-friendly that could be.

Blanket size

120×150 cm, 150×150 cm, 150×250 cm, 200×300 cm, 240×300 cm


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