Add Ethnic & Cultural Item to your Home

How to Add Ethnic and Cultural Elements to your Interior Design

Feel free to design your living space around your heritage or incorporate smaller Ethnic element. It’s up to you. Don’t worry if every piece of furniture, every painting, is not authentically your heritage. You can blend your present decor with cool cultural finds for a beautifully eclectic look.

You already have your own distinct style, but you can blend cultural decor with your existing theme. Add a piece of home country furniture to a corner or a wall-hanging above the sofa. Try to find a common thread to pull your space together, melding colors, patterns, and scales of size.

You don’t have to transform your home overnight after watching a home decorating show. You can add a piece at a time, and move it around until you’re pleased with the placement. Try different combinations, and don’t be afraid to bring an intriguing ambiance to your space.

Whether your accent pieces exude whimsy or warmth, vibrancy or subtlety, let them illustrate your ethnic pride. Browse the internet or home decor magazines for inspiration, and shop import or thrift stores and flea markets for finds that might bring your room together.

Concentrate on a focal point of each room and then choose a culturally influenced piece. If the piece is large, pair it with smaller companion pieces. Or, display a smaller cultural piece. You don’t want the space so busy and cluttered that important pieces are overlooked.

Rugs, Blankets and Tapestry Designs

Adding decorative rugs, blankets or wall accents like tapestries can bring a beautiful accent to your room. Fiber art creations can bring your space together beautifully and set a soft, textural tone for a delightful corner reading nook. Drape an ethnic tapestry, shawl or scarf across the back of a comfy chair or use as a dining room table runner for a finishing touch.

Colorful, patterned rugs can embrace multiple cultures and remain as popular in today’s rooms as they were centuries ago. Center a piece of furniture like a table or bed on an eye-catching rug, or use one as a smaller accent piece that protects your floor from heavy traffic while adding a cultural element.

Tapestries, wall hangings and throw blankets are a great way to add a pop of color and pattern in a time-honored nod to your family’s culture. You can also find heritage-inspired embroidered or patterned throw pillows for sofas, beds or a porch swing.

Ethnics Symbols

Religion is historically intertwined in many cultures. Look for ways to incorporate religious symbols in your interior design. Whatever faith you embrace, organized religion or not, you can find a way to express reverence for that belief, whether your chosen symbol, statue or art is subdued or stunning. It may be a painting of a religious scene, a treasured artifact from an important religious site, a Buddha statue or a cross. You can hang religious symbols as tapestries, framed art or stenciled images on walls or display a small tabletop accent piece.


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