Wool Bed Throw

Fringed Woven Wool Bed Throw, Beige


Fringed Woven Wool Bed Throw -Beige-

This deluxe Fringed Woven Wool Bed Throw is premium in every aspect, handmade in Morocco from 100% high quality hand spun wool giving them a wonderful touch and feel, as well as being nice and chunky for durability and warmth. They feature long tassels at each end.

It’s hard to compete with the comfort of our lambs wool Couch Throw. Whether you use yours to lay it over your bed, throw it over your sofa or use it as a picnic blanket, it is aesthetically beautiful and luxuriously soft. Gives more warmth and style where it is placed.

We weave this Hand Spun Wool Bed Throw in two different sizes:

59×59 Inches (Fringes included)
94×59 Inches (Fringes included)


– Color : Grey.

– Material : 100% Wool.

– Made 100% By hand in Morocco.

– Uses : Stunning as a bedspread or luxuriously draped over a sofa, Also for bohemian interior.

– Care : Washable Preferable Dry Clean, otherwise, hand-wash Or machine wash on a delicate setting and use a detergent for wool.

* SPECIAL PRICES FOR WHOLESALE; just drop us a line on moroccancraftshop1@gmail.com !

All the process and materials used are contemplating a low impact to the earth. Every item is the most eco-friendly that could be.

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