Handwoven jacquard Blanket

Diamond Weave cotton Throw blanket with pompoms hand loomed in Morocco


Diamond Weave cotton Throw blanket with pompoms -Black & Beige-

Beautiful Moroccan Pompom Diamond Weave cotton Throw Blanket, with pom poms on two sides, handmade in Marrakech, Morocco by skilled berber artisans -with love and care in every thread- using traditional wooden pedal looms,

It’s unbelievably soft, beautifully handwoven, and large enough for your bed! Finished with pom-poms sewn along two sides of the blanket to add a fun detail that everyone loves.

This cover will enchant your bedrooms and nurseries with its very soft and warm textures.

Beautifully textured, lightweight and made from soft and breathable natural cotton, the Diamond Weave Blanket is suitable for all seasons.

You’ll find our Tassel Bedspreads in a range of colors and exclusive designs. Thick fluffy pom poms or tassels add a luxe bohemian feel. Use them as cosy bed blankets and throws at home or outside as beach or picnic blankets. Find matching cushions in most designs.

Style Tip:

The Moroccan Pompom Throw Blanket with pom poms can be used as a bed covering, folded at the base of a bed or draped over a piece of furniture to inject a sense of global style into any space.

We weave our blankets in three different sizes….
2m x 3m = 78in x 118in
1,5m x 2,5m = 59in x 98in
1,5m x 1,5m = 59in x 59in

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