Diamond Weave Blanket

Beautiful Diamond Weave Blanket with black diamond patterns finished with extra large Pom Pom sewn along 2 sides of the blankets. Handmade in Marrakech.

The Moroccan Cotton Blanket entirely woven by hand and hand-colored, perfect for comforting your home, bed or couch. It will enchant your bedrooms and nurseries with its very soft and warm textures. These Quilts convey the love of women artists craftsmen of Marrakesh. They wove them to the loom with care using traditional techniques for your greatest happiness.

Style Tip :

The Moroccan Diamond Weave Blanket with pom poms can be used as a bed covering, folded at the base of a bed or draped over a piece of furniture to inject a sense of global style into any space.

Available sizes :

We weave our blankets in three different sizes….

2m x 3m = 78in x 118in
1,5m x 2,5m = 59in x 98in
1,5m x 1,5m = 59in x 59in


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