Moroccan Craft


Moroccan Craft is dedicated to the research and realization of Moroccan pom pom blanket Handmade by master craftsmanship of natural materials such as wool, cotton, leather wool etc.

We are inspired by the old products, but they are reworked by the feeling of new colors and by contemporary designs. A product born by MOROCCAN CRAFT embodies the spirit of man, gives the natural quality of life and makes the difference where it is used.

The weaving is the story of three generations of the family marrakchi BENDAOUD.

Moroccan Craft is the window that opens to the four corners of the world, to showcase the products made by the artisans of Bendaoud family business, and represents the actual shop located in souks Marrakech Morocco: SOUK SEMMARINE N 75 JAMAA EL FANAE.

The peculiarity of our shop ; is that every purchase goes directly to the artisans without going through intermediaries.